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Kyle James has an extensive list of clients that he has coached throughout his career, working with various age groups and experience levels. He demonstrates professionalism as he helps drive developing artists towards their own path of success through commitment and hard work. In addition, Kyle James works with a team of industry professionals to take his coaching to the next level. 


"I've had the great pleasure to work with Kyle James as an Artist and recently as a Vocal Coach to some of my clients. I highly recommend him for his extensive knowledge of what Artists need to vocally perform at their best both on stage as well as in the recording studio. Whether you are a beginning vocalist or a professional, I'm sure Kyle's well crafted vocal training curriculum will be a great asset to help your successful musical journey."

 - Jimmy Greco, Producer to Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Santana

"Working with KYle has truly had a positive impact on my career. He's truly a very inspiring artist and pushes you to be the best that you can be. The exercises are extremely helpful and every little strategy and technique he's taught me has changed my singing in a great way. If you are serious about perfecting your voice and are willing to put in the time and dedication to become your greatest version, I highly recommend him as your vocal coach."

- Young Gvd, Vocal Student

"My 8 year old son, Marcus, loves working with Kyle. They have a special bond. Kyle started singing at the same young age of 8 so they can really relate. Marcus always makes sure he finishes his school homework packet so he can go to singing lessons. This is totally a treat for him - to be one on one with a keyboard and vocal exercises and song selection."

 - Serina C., Mother of Vocal Student

"I was very nervous for my first lesson, but he made it very personable and relaxed. He is very professional and educated, I would recommend him over any vocal coach. The lessons are specifically built around you, your goals and your range, but you have to be willing to put in the hard work because I will say it's not easy but very effective and efficient on improving your vocal technique! Kyle is patient. He takes the vocal exercises slow and corrects me even if I'm the slightest off pitch so we do it perfect each time, no room for sloppiness! I also want to add that he is so talented himself, which benefits the lessons (in my opinion) because I'm an auditory learner so him being able to sing in my range alongside playing the piano, helps me massively. Overall, lessons are fun and strategic on what we're focusing for that week. So far, I have seen a HUGE change in my vocal ability and technique! If you practice every day doing what he assigns you, you will not be disappointed with the results! I'm so much more confident with my singing and I'm excited to continue working with him!"

 - Sydnie M., Vocal Student

"Working with Kyle has taught me everything I need to know about singing. We have been working together pretty much 3 times a week for over a year and I've gained so much knowledge that I'll have for the rest of my career because of him. Best vocal coach in the area and nicest guy in the world."

 - Lily M., Vocal Student

"I feel beyond grateful, thankful and blessed that I have Kyle as my vocal coach. I mean how do you put into words how much someone has literally changed your life. He has so much experience and is professional, caring, knowledgeable, supportive, inspiring and the sessions are always a great and fun time. I see a huge difference in my breathing, technique, and all the things you need as a foundation to be the best vocalist you can possibly be! He will 1000% pour himself into you as long as you do the work and show you are serious about this."

 - Mylene "Mai" L., Vocal Student

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