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Surviving the Winter

No one can deny how cold New York City winters can get. They can be brutal to bare, but it’s one of the sacrifices we make living in one of the greatest cities on Earth. As singers, we require a little more TLC to get us through the long months. That is, one of the most important things we must remember is that our throats are delicate instruments. It is where our souls can be heard and our emotions can be expressed. Singers need to protect it at all costs.

  • Your best friend this winter should be your scarf. You should not step outside without it. As the winds can brutally pick up and chills rush through your body, fortify your throat with a cozy wool scarf.

  • Drink tea. I recommend Throat Coat Herbal Tea. It’s the “singer’s tea.” I drink two cups a day. Drink it during vocal sessions, after sessions – whenever you can. Stay proactive.

  • Drink hot water. It warms the vocal cords without restriction and keeps you hydrated. Ensure the safety of your health and your voice.

The winters may be ugly, but follow these short guidelines and your voice will remain flawless.

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